I believe in making your passion your profession. Because when you absolutely love what you do, it then becomes more of your purpose than actually your work.  My journey with BV Productions has been one of love, discovery, learning and pure joy. Just hand me my camera and the magic begins…


The art of story-telling is a gift. At BV Productions, we take every project as a precious story waiting to be unfolded to the world. As we work through each and every project, we discover more about the power of people, love, expression, laughter and dreams. We have heard dream stories. We have experienced eternal love. We have laughed hysterically! We have cried with our clients.

Whether it is a corporate shoot about an organization, a pre-wedding video about a love story, a music video of an aspiring artist or a crazy lip dub for a wedding, we make it our personal mission to tell your story, and to tell it well!

We read this somewhere,
“Sometimes, you will never know the value of a moment until it becomes a memory”.
And capturing memories is what we do best!
- Team BV -



We love people!! And we would love for you to know us more. So meet our amazingly crazy team!