What started off as a simple, fun teasing video for a youth camp some years back turned into a cornerstone for Naranjan and BV Productions, making him realise where his true passion lies - in capturing precious moments! Then after, he was unstoppable. And the name BV was also a random tease by his friends; him being the crazy random person he is, he thought, let’s keep it!

He is tall and funny. He is skinny and wholehearted. He is cool and passionate. And he spills his passion into creating dream videos. He says, “I like making dreams come true!” Meet the man behind BV Productions!


The Cool Videographer

This cool, tall, dark and handsome man is a true Malaysian; he has Malay, Indian, Bugis and Chinese blood and that explains his love for all kinds of food! No he doesn’t cook, he just specialises in eating.

With a weekday role of directing music videos, creating music, shooting concerts and teaching, he finds time to witness crazy love, dance and laughter with BV Productions. Aimen has been part of the founding days of BV Productions, and has seen it grow till date.



Miss Colourful (Sound & Audio)

Myra’s one and true love is sound and music; although you might occasionally catch her behind the camera. She loves music, pizza, cars, fashion designing and Paramore! Oh and she is a drummer too! What can we say, she is our all-rounder!

We call her Miss Colourful because you never know what colour her hair is going to be when you see her next. It’s sometimes red, sometimes pink, and at other times blue. She most certainly adds colour and life to the crew.


Miss Creative

As her title suggests, Ajeet is our left brain, and she also occasionally doubles up as a dance choreographer, web designer, fashion consultant, copy-writer and editor. She adds the touch of colour, dimension, symmetry, laughter and feelings. She is the one you will hear most in the background.

And when not doing all of that, you may find her at a corner somewhere, adjusting the ’dupatta’ of the bride’s mother while assuring her how beautiful she looks.